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Wednesday, 22 Jan 2020

Waltersons Henschel Turret King Tiger £179.99

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1:16 Henschel Production Turret King Tiger Tank

Take yourself back in time to early 1942, when the German Tiger I tank first started rolling off the production line.The ability of the Tiger I was quickly recognized by the allied forces, and was considered to be one of the most fearful ground weapons of the time. Little did the allied forces know, the Germans had planned the Tiger II shortly after the development of the Tiger I.

The Germans were so impressed with the robust design of the Soviet T-34. The sloping front armour design was particularly influential to later German tank designs, including the Tiger II. The thickness of the front armour on the Tiger had been increased to 150mm. To date, no official records exist to prove the new thicker armour was ever penetrated on the Tiger II during World War II.

There were two types of turret being used on the King Tiger. Known as the Porsche and Henschel production turret. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche had designed his version of Tiger II for the contract. Krupp, the company responsible for producing the turret and main gun at the time, had manufactured 50 turrets to fit Dr. Porsche version of the Tiger II.

The King Tiger earned its fame with its powerful 88mm main gun. The main gun was capable of firing at a velocity of approximately 1000 meters per second. It could penetrate 150mm thick armour at a distance exceeding 2200metres. Due to its high accuracy, it could engage enemy tanks at vast distances, well before the opponents weapons were in range.


An impressive and precision made 1:16 scale replica of a real King Tiger Tank. Measuring 66cm long, 23.5cm wide and 19cm tall, the Henschel Production turret King Tiger 1:16 radio controlled tank has every possible detail you would find on an actual King Tiger.

All of the accessories on the upper hull, including tow rope, shackles, tools etc, are removable. The new chassis design allows the user to disassemble the upper hull from the chassis by just removing four screws underneath. This improvement makes repairs a lot easier than previous models.

The tank is now equipped with the latest RX-18 circuit control unit. This unit is capable of making multiple functions, including Airsoft BB Bullet Shooting, main gun barrel elevation, smoking & realistic sound effects and proportional driving speed module.

The Heng Long Premium & Waltersons King Tiger tank is now equipped with an environmentally friendly Ni-MH Type rechargeable battery. The new Ni-MH battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, which is twice the output of a standard 1700mAh Ni-Cad battery. Although the battery capacity can easily achieve up to 4500mAH with a Li-Polymer (commonly used in model helicopters), our extensive duration testing indicated that the control unit, and battery, could maintain a safe operating temperature with a Ni-MH type battery.


The premium edition tank now includes EPE recyclable packaging for excellent protection during transportation to your venue. Furthermore, it also comes complete with its own cool carrying bag. The EPE packaging is tailor made to fit this particular King Tiger tank. When correctly packed into its carrying bag and box it passed the drop testing standard height of 1 metre. Unlike standard polystyrene packing, the EPE packing, and cool carry bag, is designed for multiple uses. The King Tiger is infamous due to its powerful 88mm main gun. But not many people know the true story behind its development during WW11. With this in mind, Mr. Waltersons decided to produce an exclusive illustrated cartoon storyboard explaining the history behind this awesome tank.

RTR 1/16 Henschel Production Turret King Tiger Tank in Brown on Green Camouflage with minor weathering effects.

• Outdoor Gear comprises a tough nylon transportation bag with EPE Foam Tank holder for better protection.
• User Manual with comic illustrations describing the King Tiger Tank development.
• 2 Sets of tank numbering labels. (0-9)
• High Capacity Ni-MH 3000 mAh battery (passed new EU safety standard)
• CNC Metal Cannon Barrel
• Full Function 5 channel Transmitter:
• Forward, Backward, Left, Right, 360 spins
• Turret moves clockwise or anti-clockwise at max. 350°
• Gun barrel elevation up & down
• BB/infrared shooting
• Engine start & off function
• Machine shooting (LED) function
• Cannon shooting simulation effect
Sound effects:
• Turret moving
• Engine start
• Engine off
• Engine Idling
• Engine running
• Machine gun shooting
• Cannon shooting
• Gun Barrel elevation
• Shooting System: BB with 6mm plastic bullet, with shooting recoil simulated effect.
• IR: Flashing light system (can do multiple battles with other IR tanks, optional with receiver)
• Support up to 10 players at the same time with changeable transition crystal oscillator.
• Smoking Simulation effect (standard with one pack of Smoking Oil)
• Comes with Band 1, 2 or 3 random (Band 4 to 10 is optional)

• Dimensions: 66cm(L) x 23.5cm(W) x 19cm(H)
• Weight: 2.19Kg (Tank only)
• Net Weight: 5.1Kg (Inc Outdoor Gear & All Accessories)
• Gross Weight : 6.3Kg
• Battery Pack: Ni-MH 3000mAh, High capacity rechargeable battery (included) 8AA batteries for transmitter (not included)
• Duration: Approximately 20-25 minutes (With standard plastic equipment)
• Channels: 5 - Full Functionality
• Frequency: AM 27MHz (10 Bandwidths)
• Drivetrain: 2 x Type 380 Motors
• Range: ~ 15 meters for RC
• Charger: 400 mA, 7.2V AC/DC

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